Aug 202012

Yesterday we hosted a memorial and celebration of life for our mother, Helen Gist-Tselikidis. We were blessed to see so many of our Milky Wave family and food friends able to attend.

Helen Gist-Tselikidis

Debra Shuman, Helen Gist-Tselikidis and Denise Shuman Smith

Thank you Debra Shuman and Denise Shuman Smith for sharing this wonderful recent photo of the three of you in our store.

Our mother and our company founder left this world suddenly and we miss her every day. She left us with a wonderful legacy and her special talent for unique tie dye designs lives on.

~Lazaros and Jessica

  2 Responses to “Celebrating the Life of Helen Gist-Tselikidis”

  1. How in the world can I let over 200 people know that I am forever grateful for all the love that was expressed yesterday at my Sister’s Memorial Celebration of Life; as well as all the expressions of love I have received personally, through the mail, and on the telephone. While I know that Chi-chi (Helen Gist-Tselikidis) shared her love freely to everyone she met, I now know that she received love abundantly in return. I didn’t believe Chi-chi when she used to tell me that she loved everybody. In fact, we always debated this. Too bad that I can’t tell her that I do believe her now.

  2. Our Helen was there yesterday. As I embraced Laz goodbye inside and Jess outside and continued to walk to my truck; I noticed this butterfly to my left. No mind really paid to it, quite a walk while one is snotting in sadness, this “beauty” kept flapping and fluttering up and down (always to my left) with every step I took. As I went to open my truck door, she danced up in front of me and landed on my rearview mirror. I took several pictures of “her” as she sat and fluttered. Oh so pretty, colorful butterfly (my Facebook profile pic), always pretty, our Helen!

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