Jul 212013
Map of Milky Wave Tie Dye visitors

Map of Milky Wave Tie Dye visitors

Visitors to the Milky Wave Tie Dye store may notice that a large map of the United States of America hangs on the wall near the door. There is a shelf under the map that has, among other well-loved items, a container of push-pins. Customers are encouraged to grab a push-pin and insert a pin into the map that shows where they live.

Hundreds of push pins adorn the map. These push pins are more than just push pins to us – they represent the hundreds of customers that have blessed us with their company, their friendship, and their business.

We feel truly blessed to have such a large community of customers around the country. We almost find ourselves wishing that the map was of the entire world – it would be very interesting to see how many customers come/came into the retail outlet that live overseas! We just don’t know where we can find room in the store for such a large map, so for now the United States map will have to do.

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