How to care for your tie dye


Congratulations on your great decision to buy one of our hand died tye!

Our dyes are generally color-fast and safe for sensitive skin. (Having said that you should do what your mother told you and sort your laundry! Don’t put reds with whites unless you like pink!) If for some crazy reason you ignore your mother’s good advice and the colors run, re-washing the stained garment before it is dried will usually remove the way-ward dye.)

We pre-wash and pre-shrink all of our tie dye.

Machine (or hand) wash and dry. (You can wash it in hot water, but colors will remain vibrant longer if washed in cold water; machine dry on medium or high, or lay flat to dry.)

If bleaching desired, only use color-safe bleach.

You shouldn’t need to iron this, but if ironing is desired, consider the fiber content.

100% Cotton can be steam ironed

All other articles – check the label for fiber content and follow the directions on the label for best results.

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